Providing School Supplies to Those in Need


Our long-term goal is to make sure every child in the country has the school supplies they need to succeed in the classroom and ultimately receives a first-rate education.

With 41% of US children (29,589,986) (1) living in low-income households, there is a tremendous need to help financially struggling families provide school supplies for their kids.

To put school supplies into the hands of children from low-income families we created two programs, Buy-A-Kit and Build-A-Kit. In both instances children from Pre-Kindergarten through High School will get one of our signature Back 2 School kits, each filled with approximately 30 of the basic school supplies they need. We offer four kit types to make sure each child is receiving grade-appropriate supplies. The difference between the two programs is that the Buy-A-Kit program offers already assembled kits while the Build-A-Kit program provides the school supplies in bulk, which are then assembled by a team of volunteers into the finished kits - ready for distribution. . 

(1) National Center for Children in Poverty 2015

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