Steven Sartin

Steven Sartin grew up with music and helping others as the core of who he is and the key to a fulfilled life. As he graduated from high school and entered college, Steven persued his music and humanitarian efforts to the fullest. Majoring in music with an emphasis on Choral Conducting and Vocal Performance poised him for endeavors of traveling and performing. Upon graduation from college, he traveled for the next 6 years singing professionally in countries such as Iceland, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, Africa, and throughout most of Europe. Along with singing, the desire to help others was never off his mind. So while he traveled, Steven also volunteered his time assisting, aiding, and encouraging those who were truly needy and underprivileged.

In the years following his travels, Steven married and had three wonderful kids, who are now adults: Elizabel, Gracie, and William. They are all musically talented as well. During those years, Steven worked as artist director and head producer, creating and directing over 1,000 different special events and shows. Steven recalls that working with hundreds of volunteers to create meaningful and thoughtful shows was life changing. His talents in lighting, staging, directing, and singing created a passion and scope of artistry that produced growth in three very large nonprofit associations.

In 2015, Steven made a career change. Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital Foundation created a position of Outreach Coordinator, which fit his skills perfectly. Working with countless volunteers to benefit sick children was very rewarding, and to help raise funds for families that could not afford to treat their sick kids gave him new purpose.

Upon moving to Chicago just a few years ago, Steven worked for the DANK Haus German American Cultural Center in Lincoln Square. There he served as director of marketing and events, assisting the center in rebranding and volunteer coordination, all while learning to speak some German.

And now, Steven has been brought onboard with Back 2 School Illinois/Back to School America. He has never lost his love of helping those who need it, particularly children. He looks forward to bringing growth and vitality to his new position of Associate Director. He also looks forward to hitting the stage again, as music will always be calling him to step out and sing.