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Our mission is to create and support educational opportunities that enrich the lives of children across the USA. Education is the cornerstone to our society. We need to step up to help fill the gaps in our schools and the fact that over 27 million of our children live in low-income or poverty conditions (1) 2021 National Center for Children in Poverty.

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38% of all children in the US live in low-income households. 17% of all children live in families that are at or below the poverty line. ~ 2022 National Center for Children in Poverty

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In 2021 the US the average student debt owned by college graduates was $31,100. ~ Education Data Initiative

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$138.75 is the average spent by parents on school supplies for each child in 2021. ~ Statistica

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Families with school-aged children will average more than $840 on school supplies this year. ~ 2021 National Retail Federation

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