Holiday Build-A-Kit

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Team building Activity. Lots of Options. Help Students. Have Fun.

Here’s your chance to do something fun and meaningful during the holiday season. It’s a great opportunity to bring your employees or group together for a fun, holiday activity that will do something important for the community by providing school supply kits to children whose families can’t afford them. 

Part of what makes the program so special is its flexibility and options. You decide when you do your event, where to host it, and which school or community organization will benefit. There are other options as well. 

You can have us build the kits for you and have your employees/volunteers focus on simply decorating the kit boxes and wrapping them in holiday themed paper. For a more elaborate event, assemble the school supply kits first, then decorate and wrap them. 

Here are the simple steps for a successful Holiday Corporate Team building program.

Step 1 – Decide if you want to purchase the kits already assembled or if you want to do a Build-A-Kit 

Step 2 – Pick a date for your event. 

Step 3 – Pick a location for your event.

Step 4 – Select a school/community organization or government agency to receive your kits for distribution. 

Step 5 – Decide what type of event you want to host whether it’s a daytime/nighttime, family friendly, with clients/vendors, catered….

Step 6 – Place your order.

Step 7 – Have a great event.

Step 8 – Make a whole lot of kids and their families enjoy a great holiday season 

Now, just reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any questions and get you on your way. Email us at Just put Holiday Corporate Team building program in the subject line.

Each Holiday package contains enough supplies for 100 kits. The cost is $250 per package plus the $24.00 cost per kit. Minimum order is 100 kits. Please allow four weeks from the date the order is placed. If you wish us to deliver the kits on your behalf, price will be quoted at the time you place your order. 

* If you’d like to provide holiday school supply kits to those in need but don’t have the time/manpower to do so, we can do all the work on your behalf. Cost and contents are the same as listed above.